Finding God’s Presence in Every Life and Miracles

One of the hallmarks of our faith is feeling the presence of God’s goodness in our daily lives and embracing His modern-day miracles.

When we think of miracles, we think of the Bible and God’s intervening in the lives of numerous Biblical heroes and heroines. We think of God parting the Red Sea so that Israelites can cross to safety and then returning the seas to destroy the chasing chariots commanded by the Pharoah. Miracles happened when Jonah got out alive after being swallowed by a big fish and Daniel survived days in the company of lions.

In the New Testament, God’s miracles often have to do with Jesus. Jesus turned water into wine, walked through the water, and fed thousands using only five loaves of bread and two fish. Jesus also performed many healing miracles and even raised Lazarus from the dead. These are the stories we grew up with and have helped us build our faith in God and Jesus Christ. However, as the progress of science continuously marches and at an increasingly faster pace, the Biblical miracles have sort of become myths and we begin to search for modern-day miracles and God’s presence in our daily lives.

Author Judith Martin Alford released a book entitled The Hand of God. In her book, she compiled short stories about God’s intervention in human lives. This is to present proofs that God is with us and also serves as an invitation to build a more meaningful relationship with God and Jesus Christ.

Miracles are reminders of God’s power over things and proof that he listens to our prayers and looks after us as He did during the Biblical times.

In this modern age where technology, science, logic, and philosophy determine our truths, how do we identify miracles and God’s direct presence in our daily existence? A miracle is defined as “manifestations of divine or spiritual power.” On that note alone, we should recognize the many miracles that surround us, many miracles are staring at us in the eye, and yet we may fail to notice it as God’s handiwork. God is present in the lives of His people through the miracles in the scriptures. However, God is also present when we receive an answer to a prayer, when he strengthens our resolve against certain obstacles, or when He guides our emotions and steers us away from temptations or negativity.

Still, there are many other miracles that we tend to forget, and they govern our daily existence that we relegate these as commonplace.

The fact alone that our very planet is the only one with life is in itself a miracle. Science continues to explore the origin of life and the universe, and still, they have yet to explain the origin of our existence fully. Our sun rises and sets each day; tiny organisms evolve, and life thrives even in the most desolate places; how our brain functions and the rest body working together, allowing us to breathe and live are all miracles we have come to consider so ordinary that we forget they are mysteries that perhaps only a Divine Power could have designed.

As for science, how physicists, scientists, and inventors came up with all these new ideas and inventions that propelled humanity into modernity can also be considered miracles.

God designed the human brain and gave us free will so that we can think research, adapt, invent, and ensure the planet’s survival. Scientists and researchers have noticed that the universe and the brain look the same. The cosmic web that maps the universe and the neurons firing the brain, when examined closely, looks pretty much the same. Isn’t it a fantastic coincidence? Only God could have designed both.

In the end, miracles come in many forms. Sometimes miracles heal, comfort, or physically protect God’s creation, keep the balance, allow progress or successes, and so many modern interventions in our daily lives. However, these outward effects are not the only reason for miracles. God performs miracles for two fundamental reasons. One is to strengthen faith our faith in him by reminding Him that He is around. Second, God performs them to achieve good things for His creations.

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