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But, humanity is all in the Almighty’s hands. This should remind you that the Father is not distant from you. He is not just with you but actually within you.

The primary function of the human hand is to manipulate objects to accomplish a goal. People understand how their hands are so important in expressing their love and care for one another—a touch, a caress, a protective hold. But the hands of God are perfect beyond description. Those same hands which wield powers are also extended to humanity in a gesture of peace. You can trust His hands, capable of crushing His enemies and the hands that nurture and take good care of all.

The love of God could be shown through the following manifestations.

Implications of God’s Hand

People are told in scripture multiple times that they are held by God’s hand. There is peace when you are reminded that you are in God’s hand. The human race is all in His hands to those who believe in His supremacy as a deity. God is loving, God is wise, and God is ideal on time. He is not indifferent about the anxieties we carry. God cares, and He’s going to take care of everyone.

As in Judith’s book about God’s Intervention in human lives, God is still doing miracles, signs, and wonders in His world today. This book shows evidence that God still truly blessed many people today as He did in Biblical times. 

Humanity’s Future Lays in the Hands of God

The future can be scary. People are often pressured to figure everything out in college, business, endeavors, etcetera. However, in all honesty, many of you are still unsure about what you will do with your lives in the immediate future, let alone the next five or ten years, because people are afraid to fail.

Amid this pressure to plan one’s life out thoroughly, God reminds people that He is in control and that they don’t have to figure their future out on their own. They really shouldn’t. God’s plan for your life is much better than any plan you could try and make on your own. The book of Isaiah says, “So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen and help you and uphold you with my righteous right hand.” This assures the human race that God’s hand is everyone’s help at all times.

Leave Everything in His Hands

The Lord is always with everybody. In everything one does, and everywhere one goes, He is with him. Whether you feel His presence or not, He is with you. In each new season of life, God is walking by your side.

He is still there when you are doing everything you can to find a job and struggling to make ends meet. It is more challenging to reach your goals when you try to take circumstances into your own hands. Surrender and let Him take care of everything. He wants to help, so let him help.

When you love your job and are working hard and getting what you want out of your work, He is there with you. He has helped you get where you are and need to be.

God’s Hands of Protection

  • Whenever you keep the Lord Jesus first in your life, His hand will always be with you. There are many ways in which His protection is upon you.
  • Protection from harm. God does not desire that humanity be harmed in any way. In Psalms, one of the ways that they can ask for God’s protection from harm anytime they leave the house or are entering an unknown situation.
  • Protection of the family. As a Christian, when you look at the trends nowadays, there is an ardent attempt to break down the family. Divorce is rising because the culture has changed or is changing. The traditional mother, Father, and children, the family is pushed to the side for a new same-sex model. Further, children are taught not to learn or listen to their parents but form their own opinions. Parents are asked not to teach religious values or morals to their children because it is seen as a form of abusive indoctrination. To stand against such cultural and government encroachment, you should pray for your country and your family. Reading Psalm 25 is suitable for the protection of the family.

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