Ways to Have a Meaningful Journey with God

Growing with God is the best way to take on a life’s journey here on earth. Once you’ve established ways to have a meaningful journey with God, you will experience inner peace. Moving in life alongside God will always keep you on the right track in life. You will have an assurance that you will remain steadfast throughout adversities that life may throw at you. As stated in Deuteronomy 8:6, “Observe the commands of the LORD your God by walking in his ways and by fearing him.”

Here are some ways to have a meaningful journey with God:

Establish a Strong Relationship with Him

If you decide to have a closer relationship with God, you can see light and hope. When you get to know Him better, you start to see everything from His view and perspective. You will also see God’s true character. When this happens, you will desire to be just like Him. Your relationship with Him will foster through continuous communication and perseverance in strengthening your faith. God genuinely directs you as you navigate your way through life.

Study God’s Words

Psalm 119:105 states, “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.” This implies that His words will guide you to the best place you can have in this wilderness called earth. Sooner or later, when you start knowing Him through His words, you will see this world as a better place where you will never see darkness. His unfailing love towards humanity will be more evident to you. As you do this, your trust in Him will also become more assertive than ever. All your worries will soon vanish as well as your fears.

Learn God’s Unfailing Love

When you are confident of God’s unfailing love, you will also feel the certainty of your faith in Him. A book authored by Judith Martin Alford is something that implicit this. It is a compilation of stories that will warm your heart, reminding you of God and His modern miracles. Each story found in The Hands of God by Alford shows God’s miraculous ways of loving and caring for us.

Grow Spiritually Healthy

Once you decide to have a spiritually healthy life, all the other health factors will also improve. Many people attest that growing your spirituality can affect your overall health, including mental and physical. But how do you grow spiritually with God? You have to number yourself under God’s presence. Consider Him in every decision you have to make in life. In other words, make Him the center of your life. Be more conscious and widening your awareness of your well-being. Growing spiritually means removing obsolete habits as well. If you feel like you have habits that can disrupt the process of spiritual healing, make sure you stop them.

Devote Yourself to Him

Devoting yourself holy to God can be done in various ways, such as praying whole-heartedly. We all need time with God. This will serve as a time for you to express your emotions to Him. Thus, when it’s time to pray, cast every other thought you have and focus on Him. One way to have a meaningful prayer is to write down everything you want to talk about with Him. This way, you will never forget anything. Journaling your prayers is also helpful in seeing your progress. It is always great to look back in the past and see how much you’ve improved in terms of faith.

Become the Best Version of Yourself

A walk with God will require you to work on yourself and make better decisions. As much as the previous points will help you find your way through, you will also need to be willing. When you have the willingness, you will find it easier to be better. Use God’s wisdom to make this possible. If you constantly apply God’s wisdom in your life, you will naturally want to feel motivated to be good.

Living by God’s words will make everything better. With the notion to grow with God along your side, you will see a light that will guide you through your journey in life. You will also find peace and contentment that will never fade.

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