GrandMa’s 25 cent words

Book Synopsis:

Grandma’s 25 Cent Words is an activity book for children designed by a former public-school teacher!  It is about good values like integrity, honesty, and courage to do what is right in many different life situations. Older children can easily teach and help younger children with each lesson. There are pages to color, and other pages to think about specific life situations. Grandma often gives them one good answer to each challenge and then they share their good ideas with her. As each word is mastered, a medal of honor containing that word can be colored. Each child is encouraged to put that word in an imaginary word bank so they can use it for their future needs. Each chapter also has an exploring career option that children can experience and think about as a possibility for their own lives. The main emphasis of this book is that words are more valuable than money! It is this author’s greatest desire that children and adults of all ages, nationalities, races, and ethnic origins can learn to communicate with one another by listening as we share our thoughts, desires, and love with each other. This is the best way to obtain both national, and  world peace.

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